Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The operational definition meets the DefinedMeaning

In WiktionaryZ, we aim to have definitions for all the concepts that are to do with an expression in a language. These definitions have to be good, they have to express well what the concept is. We have great definitions, operational definitions, when more than 90% of the people correctly identify the concepts given the definition in a corpus.

When such an operational meaning cannot be correctly identified by 90%, it means that all the definitions of the different concepts are suspect. It may mean that too many concepts have been identified; certainly more work needs to be done to define things better.

In WiktionaryZ, many DefinedMeanings may exist where it has been indicated that the definition does not define the concept really well. These concepts are close but no cigar; they should not be taken into account when it is determined if the Definitions are indeed operational definitions.

The question is, how do you then identify the quality of the translations and the usability of the synonyms.

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